I am a ripe middle aged, young Finnish photographer. Born in Helsinki to my French mother and Hungarian father.

I attended the French-, Swedish-, Finnish and for a few years the Steiner school.
Received my photography education in London at The London College of Printing but most of all through trial and error and experience during the years.

My professional life I have spent in the picture industry involved with various major international picture agencies.

My first exhibit, A STATEMENT in 2010 in my home town Helsinki. In this exhibition I made a statement regarding the wretchedness of working life in the midst of the global recession.

My second exhibit also in Helsinki in 2012 was  BEAUTY OF RECYCLING . It dealt with aging and debating what is a ripe middle aged person good for anymore.

My third and fourth  exhibition s in the USA and in Russia  was THE FORGOTTEN. A tribute to the marginalised.

I look at the surrounding world as images and try to interpret it through my camera viewfinder.

You can watch one the TV interview on NBC´s affiliate channel WRCB in Chattanooga.  It aired on the 22nd October 2014 on the program 3+ you. Watch it here.

I am married, have three children and five grandchildren. I live in Helsinki, Finland.